New Website

Hello all my dear followers. I just wanted you to know that I have purchased a domain and you can follow me and my writing adventures over at Aleathia Drehmer.   Thank you, Aleathia

The Forked Road

Hello folks.  I am not sure if I mentioned this before as it all came about suddenly at the end of April when I was done with the poem a day challenge, but I have a daily blog now filled with all sorts of good stuff.   The Forked Road This website started as a … Continue reading

New Adventures in Writing

April has been poetry month and I have taken that into full embrace.  I have been participating in writing prompts daily and will have a forthcoming chapbook of work that I will publish as an Issuu from that.  It has been a catharsis as I am working through the grief of my mother’s death.   … Continue reading

Delineated Visions: Volume One

For several years I have been working on amassing poems written about paintings.  This is not a new business, I know, but I wanted to approach it in a different way.  In these poems I take on the point of view of either the subject or the painter.  I put myself in the painting or … Continue reading

Winter Publications 2013-2014

I haven’t been publishing much with all the family situations going on, but I am very happy to be a part of Words Dance Issue 15 and minimalbooks:marzec.  I have one poem in Words Dance and two poems that have been translated into Polish at minimalbooks.  I do hope to be getting back to publishing soon. … Continue reading

Life is Full of Second Chances

    Recently my mother died unexpectedly.  On the same day, an old friend resurfaced.  We had parted in a sad and distressful way after what had been one of the most freeing experiences of my life.  I was stunned at the time when she dropped me off at the airport and told me to … Continue reading

More Than Flowers and Cards

  Yesterday Michael remarked, sheepishly, that he hadn’t gotten me anything for Valentine’s Day.  I told him it wasn’t important and I wasn’t a box of chocolates-flowers-love you one time a year sort of girl.  He still looked disappointed. I started to think about Valentine’s Day and there are always those single, thwarted women who … Continue reading

Easy Come, Easy Go

    On January 23 rd, we added a new member to our family.  We rescued a Siberian Husky named Marshall from our local SPCA.  I hadn’t intended to get a dog in the winter, nor had I planned on getting such a huge dog that would require the most amount of work of any … Continue reading

Good Intentions

    I always have good intentions when it comes to writing….and art….and  sewing…and….and…and…. I’m a Cancer.  What do you want?  We are great at starting projects but not so great on follow through.  In the time lapsed I did some writing in November for a challenge with a group of others.  There were some … Continue reading

“….Harper Valley PTA….”

Ok…so maybe not THE Harper Valley PTA, but I did find myself at my daughter’s middle school PTA meeting last night.  For years I had avoided “joining” the PTA thinking I would turn into a Stepford Wive or something. I volunteered at the school, but I could never bring myself to pay dues and go … Continue reading