Poetry In Print: 2006-2012

Agua– Complications of Love, Abacus

Alligator Stew (UK)– My Town, All The Glasses Are Dirty

Argotist Otherstream Anthology (Iceland)– The Queen’s Reich (Vol 1), Stevedore’s Knot (Vol 2)

Brainbox Press Holy Spectacles! : Thin Freedoms

Cause & Effect– Dashboard

Erbacce (UK)– Lying In The Grass, Olly-Olly Oxen Free, Limestone, Folded, Zero.  Blood at the Chelsea: Bathymetric, Dies Illa, My mother always warned me, Orphans, If other under circumstances, Between Wales and NY-a conversation

From The Ground Up– Heels

Gloom Cupboard (UK)– Take, I am not one

Graffiti Kolkata (India)– Suprabhaat, Gypsy Night-Crested Moon, Suffocated

Grey Book Press-Camus and the walk

Ha!art (Poland)-Clearly Not From Here (translated), 100 Years Will Get You Nothing (translated)

Kendra Steiner EditionsLast Poems Project: Tests

Leaf Garden Press-Sober, Faltered Exchange Through The Doorway, No Longer Will I Be Hungry, Loose Netting

Le Pink Elephant PressBookmark Series: Mole

Mad Rush Magazine– She Still Smells Mango

MUST-Jesus has dancing girls, Bent at 90 Degrees, Reading Tea Leaves at Midnight

Mystery Island Press13 Knights of the Apocalypse: Toxic Honey

Nexxuss-The Hum of Two Souls, Timorous

Nibble-balancing a cup on the edge of a garbage can, After the party-standing in the rain, Josef Albers, 100 Years Will Get You Nothing, Easy Medicine

Ottawa Arts Review (Canada)-Eulogy to the Hobo, Your days are numbered

Poems For All-Trace

Poet Plant Press-Palms, Saints in Waiting, Art Can’t Save Me Now, These Days Continue

Prathomoto (India)-Toy(ing) with the Revolution, Raw, Lost Season

Propaganda PressComics Series : Armor of Cotton, Poiesis #6: Hairy Kari

Red Fez PrintRed Reader #1: Generation of Guns (with Brad Burjan), Punctured Tones (with Brad Burjan)

Rural Messengers Press-Keep Moving, Last Attempt, Rosewater, Not Worth The Effort, West of Hell

Shoots and VinesI Can’t Be Your Virgin and Your Mother : Sparking the Fire

The Other Herald-Hunched Over the Desk

The Toronto Quarterly (Canada)-Quarter past eleven on the Jubilee

Whirligigzine-The Weight of My Soul

Wordsdance-Apples and Cinquains, Curled

Zygote in my Coffee-Collections, Electra, If Only We Were In California, Subhuman, Things She Will Never Know

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