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New Adventures in Writing

April has been poetry month and I have taken that into full embrace.  I have been participating in writing prompts daily and will have a forthcoming chapbook of work that I will publish as an Issuu from that.  It has been a catharsis as I am working through the grief of my mother’s death.   … Continue reading

Delineated Visions: Volume One

For several years I have been working on amassing poems written about paintings.  This is not a new business, I know, but I wanted to approach it in a different way.  In these poems I take on the point of view of either the subject or the painter.  I put myself in the painting or … Continue reading

The Evolution of King William

This is William:     This is Ben John Smith:     This is Ben and King William:     I don’t think I have ever met a man who loved a cat more than Ben John Smith of Horror Sleaze Trash loves William.  This man is nuts about his cat.  Ben is an Aussie … Continue reading

Mail Art and Hipster Music

Tonight I skipped the rapper’s delight on Nothing to Lose and chose to revolt by listening to hipster music to make my mail art.  Tonight’s art is brought to you by the sounds of Sea Wolf and Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms.  Hip.  Yeah….see…I’m totally hip.       “Who’s Driving the Economy?” by … Continue reading

More Mail Art and Nothing to Lose

I have every other Friday night off and usually listen to my boyfriend Michael co-host a blog radio show that is mostly madcap insanity and sometimes includes awesome interviews with people mixed into the arts.  I decided that from now on I am going to listen to the show, laugh my ass off, and make … Continue reading

Mail Art!

Big Oil by Aleathia Drehmer (collage, ink, rubber stamp) Being Faithful is Recommended by Aleathia Drehmer (collage, ink, rubber stamp) Toxic Tales by Aleathia Drehmer (collage, ink, rubber stamp) It’s in the Hips by Aleathia Drehmer (collage, ink, rubber stamp) Genie in a Bottle by Aleathia Drehmer (collage, ink, rubber stamp) Urgent Help Needed by … Continue reading

April Publications

This month I have the pleasure of having some photography taken for a project called Go Read Your Lunch.  It is a fiction website that encourages reading while you are eating!  The stories (once it gets started) will be available on your Kindle, if you do such a thing.  One of my photographs was chosen … Continue reading


Ok, ok.  I said I wasn’t going to do another blog like thing, but hell if I am not addicted to Tumblr and all the beautiful photographs and art you can find there.  It is visual candy.  I also wasn’t going to start one because Michael had and I was definitely feeling like a copy … Continue reading