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I was just asked to be a judge on a panel for The Luminaire  Award hosted by Alternating Current.  This is a great honor for me and I look forward to putting my years of experience in the small press into action.  You can read about the award and its other judges here: The Luminaire … Continue reading

In Between Altered States

I edit a flash fiction website that features 8 stories that are loosely based on a topic of my choosing.  It was designed to be read from start to finish.  Some of the stories are outside the box and might not be for everyone.  The stories here tend to be a bit surreal and can … Continue reading


(Italian Dinner Night by Aleathia Drehmer) “What does it matter?” Rellis thinks as she lifts the pan with boiling pasta in it. The metal handle is hot and the soft, tender flesh of her palm begins to burn away all the lines fortune tellers make their living from. There is no one there to notice … Continue reading