The Forked Road

Hello folks.  I am not sure if I mentioned this before as it all came about suddenly at the end of April when I was done with the poem a day challenge, but I have a daily blog now filled with all sorts of good stuff.


The Forked Road

This website started as a collaboration between a friend of mine and myself, but her life got a bit busy and she couldn’t contribute to the daily grind of it.  I opened it up to be a collective website with other interested parties.  It is one of those no stress gigs. Contribute if you have time, if not, then people have to listen to me blather on.

Here is the schedule so you can pop in on any given day you like and learn something new:

Monday=Music Monday (uh…music reviews, concerts, mixed tapes etc)

Tuesday=Let’s Go Somewhere (travel…both local and far away)

Wednesday=Lit Bits (professionally published literature/writing/graphic novels)

Thursday=Foodies (recipes, cook book reviews, gluten free foods, restaurant reviews)

Friday=Art Bomb (art in any media)

Saturday= Quills and Frills (personal writing of the crew, monthly writing prompts, movie reviews, entertainment)

Sunday=OM (religion, spirituality, faith…mostly Buddhism)

So stop on by and have a look if you like.  It is what I am doing these days besides working my tail off.


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