Photography/Art Online: 2006-2012

Counterexample Poetics-“Blowholes”, “Double Vision”, “Ghost of a Friendship”, “Joined 3”, “Lighted Trees”, “Lilies”, “Lines”, “Pom Pom Girls 2”, “Road Rash”, “Seaweed and Bubbles”, “Shadows”, “The Runner”, “Three and Three”, and “Waves and Movement” (photographs)

Dogzplot-“She wears her ugly on the outside” (original artwork)

Graffiti Kolkata-“Silver Spiral” and “Chrome Lips” (photographs)

Literary Mary– Don’t Call Me Plath: two photographs, “Braille Hope” and “Gemini” (original artwork)

Lit Up Magazine-“Upstate NY Autumn” (photograph)

MiCrowTransportation Issue: “drive fast ask questions later”, “your ride is here”, “never look behind you”, “au natural”, “leaning wheels”, “dayton plane”, “horse and buggy”, “harlem train-chicago”, and “old ford”. Home Issue: “rusty 361” and “lost lovers” (photographs)

Mighty Mercury-“We Have an Unmedicated Chemistry”, “No More”, and “At Sea” (original artwork)

Off Beat Pulp-Postcard Series: “Broken Hands” (original artwork)

Shoots and Vines-“a man, woman, and everything else” (photograph)

The Meaning of Things-“The Past is Always Broken” (photograph of original sculpture)

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