Good Intentions

Winter Walk 2014 014



I always have good intentions when it comes to writing….and art….and  sewing…and….and…and….

I’m a Cancer.  What do you want?  We are great at starting projects but not so great on follow through.  In the time lapsed I did some writing in November for a challenge with a group of others.  There were some pieces that came out of that month that really allowed me to put some hurtful things behind me.  It opened up wounds, it closed wounds.  Either way it was righteous.   I didn’t do anything with that collected about of work though it makes for a wonderful chapbook that I might just print out for my dad to enjoy.

Speaking of my dad, he and I have struck up a connection again.  We write to each other on a regular basis and even when we don’t have much to say to each other, it speaks more to my heart than I thought it would.  In this hiatus, I bought a house.  My first ever honest to goodness house.  I find this to be an accomplishment since I truly believed I would never be able to do it.  We moved in a few days before Christmas and have been settling in.  Now, it’s time to get back to work.

The sun was shining today and the polar vortex has passed.  I took advantage of this time alone to walk my new neighborhood and take pictures.  It felt nice to wander around my old stomping grounds.  When I first moved out of my parents house to go to college, I lived in this same neighborhood.  Things haven’t changed much to be honest and somehow that was entirely comforting.

At present, I have no real writing projects on my plate and no stitching projects to start.  I am trying to transcribe all of my handwritten journals from the old days into the computer.  My hope is to someday let my kid read all the strange and wonderful and sometimes boring tales of my life.  Maybe she will know me better.  Maybe we will connect on different levels than we do right now.  Maybe she will see that I was just like her once and that with some hard work and confidence she can end up in a good place.

I do have a few poems coming out in Words Dance so that is exciting.  I will post info when I get it.



One thought on “Good Intentions

  1. well nice to reconnect albeit briefly–me pisces, sound much identical? now to use up these two good fingers to type in the reams of paper stored in suitcases, to leave a trace on posterity..well a track is more like it–my trace is established already via personality and diligent determination for however many years it takes for boys to writing will then be assured a short eternity..hoping your words land soft and lively upon your faithful ones, eh oui je t’ adore toujours ma petite infirmiere, ns

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