Delineated Visions: Volume One

For several years I have been working on amassing poems written about paintings.  This is not a new business, I know, but I wanted to approach it in a different way.  In these poems I take on the point of view of either the subject or the painter.  I put myself in the painting or in the room when it is  painted.  I try to understand what it may have been like to be in that world at that time.

The decision to share this collection as a self-published e-book took a long time to come to.  As a writer I often calculated the worth of one of my poems by who published it or if it were published by someone that didn’t know me and the work I had done in the small press.  These days life is very different.  I think of all these poems sitting and collecting dust in the hard drive instead of being shared.  At this stage of my life I don’t feel like I need the accolades anymore.  I have always written for myself to release demons, get over grief and loss, express joy, or share small visions seen by only me.

Not everyone will share my love of art, so expecting these poems to get published in today’s world would leave me lacking and disappointed.  So I will share them with you and take you on the journey that I went on.  There is another volume in the wings and maybe more in my lifetime.

Thank you for your interest.

Delineated Visions: Volume One 1400 to 1700 by Aleathia Drehmer


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