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New Adventures in Writing

April has been poetry month and I have taken that into full embrace.  I have been participating in writing prompts daily and will have a forthcoming chapbook of work that I will publish as an Issuu from that.  It has been a catharsis as I am working through the grief of my mother’s death.   … Continue reading

Delineated Visions: Volume One

For several years I have been working on amassing poems written about paintings.  This is not a new business, I know, but I wanted to approach it in a different way.  In these poems I take on the point of view of either the subject or the painter.  I put myself in the painting or … Continue reading

Winter Publications 2013-2014

I haven’t been publishing much with all the family situations going on, but I am very happy to be a part of Words Dance Issue 15 and minimalbooks:marzec.  I have one poem in Words Dance and two poems that have been translated into Polish at minimalbooks.  I do hope to be getting back to publishing soon. … Continue reading

September Publications

I have the honor of being part of this anthology.  The Otherstream is a writer’s group that looks beyond the borders of reality and tries to play with words in new ways.  There are many talented writers and artists in this collection.  It is available to view as an e-book. Shadows of the Future I … Continue reading

Morning Silence

The day starts thick with sun blaring between the blinds, unwanted and vicious, as I rise to swallow my metabolism. There is something simple about morning silence laced with forgotten memories. I turn on the fans to move the ghosts in the air farther from my face. I choke down my pill with tepid water, … Continue reading

We Have Lost Something

  A black hole opened up still fresh and pixilated with high definition edges built on the computer screen. It was all consuming delicate and beautiful, transfixing him completely. The pulse of the universe landed in my 4th finger the weight of it more than I could bear lying still beneath the sheets. I stepped … Continue reading

W to the Third Power

Every night we stack Wharton, Wilder, and Woolf on blue tarps across the couch to prevent the cat’s dirty ass from ruining the cushions. At first we were disgusted, now it is just an accepted fact that our friend is old and dying and it is only a matter of time. Aleathia Drehmer 2013

Living in the Moment (or how I lost my poems)

I always have the best intentions when it comes to writing.  I want to write, but I am similar to a Jack Russell Terrier….I’m easily distracted.  There is house cleaning and board games and fishing and helping with homework.  There is a soft breeze from the window, sunshine, and more house cleaning.  There are boxes … Continue reading

Destiny Isn’t Just a Seven Letter Word

  My plane crashed several years ago, you’re just stepping from the fiery rubble of your own fatality. We pick through the wreckage like characters from LOST hoping to find the remains of who we once were. The smoke is laced with jet fuel, so dense we often cover our faces to the thickness of … Continue reading