Morning Silence

The day starts thick with sun blaring between the blinds, unwanted and vicious, as I rise to swallow my metabolism. There is something simple about morning silence laced with forgotten memories. I turn on the fans to move the ghosts in the air farther from my face. I choke down my pill with tepid water, … Continue reading

The Evolution of King William

This is William:     This is Ben John Smith:     This is Ben and King William:     I don’t think I have ever met a man who loved a cat more than Ben John Smith of Horror Sleaze Trash loves William.  This man is nuts about his cat.  Ben is an Aussie … Continue reading

We Have Lost Something

  A black hole opened up still fresh and pixilated with high definition edges built on the computer screen. It was all consuming delicate and beautiful, transfixing him completely. The pulse of the universe landed in my 4th finger the weight of it more than I could bear lying still beneath the sheets. I stepped … Continue reading

W to the Third Power

Every night we stack Wharton, Wilder, and Woolf on blue tarps across the couch to prevent the cat’s dirty ass from ruining the cushions. At first we were disgusted, now it is just an accepted fact that our friend is old and dying and it is only a matter of time. Aleathia Drehmer 2013

It’s Never Too Late

This year for my birthday my father sent me a card.  It was one of the only cards I had received and it touched me deeply.  My father and I have not had much of a relationship over my lifetime.  After I was 5 years old I did not see him again until I was … Continue reading

This is 40.

  Last week I turned 40, yeah, 40 years old.  Half of my natural life over and gone.  I can’t say that I feel that old and inside I have this perpetual state of being in my mid-twenties despite it being a rocky re-entry into life as I knew it.  I went away to a … Continue reading

The Evolution of Memories

    I often believe it is human nature to collect things.  Things represent who we are to those that don’t know us.  We collect them sometimes for material gain, for status, but sometimes, we collect them for memory. When I was younger I loved to collect magnets from all the places I visited.  When … Continue reading