Fiction Online: 2006-2012

Beat the Dust-The Drowning (flash fiction)

Clockwise Cat-The Dress (flash fiction)

Curbside Splendor-Pre-emptive Strike (flash fiction)

Debris Magazine-Set Sail (flash fiction)

Doorknobs & Bodypaint-Erectile Dysfunction (#58), By the River (#59-winner of Doorknobs section), A Dead Man’s Chest (#59), Batting .359 (#60), Burrett’s Mound (#60-winner of Hayward Fault Line section), The Soul is a Ravaged Place (#61-winner of the Hayward Fault Line section), Apple of His Eye (#62)

Full of Crow-The Runner (short fiction)

Haggard and Halloo-The Empty Bed (flash fiction)

Horror Sleaze Trash-The Sea Takes What It Wants (erotica)

Lit Up Magazine-The Runner (short fiction)

MiCrow-Safe on the Ground, Rubbing Against the Hull (flash fiction)

Mighty Mercury-Doing Paltrow’s Dishes (flash fiction)

Negative Suck-The Anchoring of Frigid Ships (flash fiction)

Not From Here, Are You?-Apartment 22, Kalidescope, The Philosophy of Heat (Special Jury Award), The Well

Outsider Writers-Ghostkeeper (short fiction), Over the Limit (with Pat King), Christmas Presents (with Pat King)

Red Fez-Engorged (flash fiction)

Six Sentences-The Turning of Wheels, Set Sail (flash fiction)

Thrice Fiction-Time Capsule (flash fiction)

Used Furniture Review-Exquisite Quartet (collaborative story with 3 other writers)

Zygote in my Coffee-Spaghetti for Dinner

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