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Mail Art and Hipster Music

Tonight I skipped the rapper’s delight on Nothing to Lose and chose to revolt by listening to hipster music to make my mail art.  Tonight’s art is brought to you by the sounds of Sea Wolf and Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms.  Hip.  Yeah….see…I’m totally hip.       “Who’s Driving the Economy?” by … Continue reading

More Mail Art and Nothing to Lose

I have every other Friday night off and usually listen to my boyfriend Michael co-host a blog radio show that is mostly madcap insanity and sometimes includes awesome interviews with people mixed into the arts.  I decided that from now on I am going to listen to the show, laugh my ass off, and make … Continue reading

Mail Art

My friend Lynn, whom is one of the more creative souls I know, introduced me years ago to the idea of mail art.  She produced these things called art cards which were palm size that had original collages on them or drawings.  There is an entire underground following for these things, but I thought they … Continue reading