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The Evolution of King William

This is William:     This is Ben John Smith:     This is Ben and King William:     I don’t think I have ever met a man who loved a cat more than Ben John Smith of Horror Sleaze Trash loves William.  This man is nuts about his cat.  Ben is an Aussie … Continue reading


Ok, ok.  I said I wasn’t going to do another blog like thing, but hell if I am not addicted to Tumblr and all the beautiful photographs and art you can find there.  It is visual candy.  I also wasn’t going to start one because Michael had and I was definitely feeling like a copy … Continue reading

Recycled Creation

Years ago I took my daughter to Seattle, the place she was conceived, to visit someplace big and new to her.  We stayed with my longest, dearest friend Kim while we tooled around the city.  One day we went to Alki Point to the beach.  Pacific Northwest beaches aren’t your typical tropical sandy heavens.  They … Continue reading

Under the City

Under the City by Aleathia Drehmer When I was pregnant in 2001 I learned to cross-stitch.  At first I did counted projects…very small and calculated and I did everything by the book.  After awhile it got boring to do someone else’s artwork and I wanted to do my own.  My boyfriend of the time purchased … Continue reading