The Evolution of King William

This is William:

big willie



This is Ben John Smith:




This is Ben and King William:

ben and willie



I don’t think I have ever met a man who loved a cat more than Ben John Smith of Horror Sleaze Trash loves William.  This man is nuts about his cat.  Ben is an Aussie who is just as crazy and passionate as people describe folks from Australia.  He has done his fair share of insane things that sometimes make me blush and shake my head, but deep down this man is my friend, a poet, an artist, a dedicated boyfriend to Darne, a bringer of sleaze, and a painter of industrial sewers.  There isn’t any chance you wouldn’t love this guy if you knew him.

He has been known to get his cats tattooed on his body because he loves them that much.  I’m often jealous of his relationship with King Willie because my own cat is a motherfucking douche.  He is pretty, but beyond that he is a nightmare who won’t even let you pet him.  So in the interest of trying something new in the world of needle arts, I decided to try to use my software program to transpose Willie into something I could do as a counted cross stitch.

It came out beautiful.  It took me over 30 hours spanned over 7 or 8 days.  There were mistakes and frustrations, but each day I would post the progress on Ben’s page.  He responded with the giddiness of school girl and it made some of the difficult portions of the piece worth getting through.

Day One:

king willie day 1



Day Two:

king willie day 2


Day Three:

king willie day 3



Day Four:

king willie day 4


Day Five:

king willie day 5



Day Six:

king willie day 6



Day 7 and 8…Done!!

king willie done



This was my first counted cross stitch in about 10 years.  I had been mostly doing free hand abstract art with this media so it was nice to rekindle a love for it.  Now that this one is done, I am secretly doing a dragon for my daughter’s birthday in December and a picture of Johnny Cash for my darling for Christmas.  I should have hand cramps in no time!


Thanks to my friend Ben John Smith for really giving so much enthusiasm as the process went forward.  Thanks for being a great friend.





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