Regardless of Authority, a new webzine for poetry and art




Many years ago I was walking along the side of the railroad tracks.  I was fascinated with the graffiti I saw and the complexity of some of the designs.  I wrote a poem called “Eulogy to a Hobo” which had the line “art moves where it wants to, regardless of authority”.  That line has always stuck with me.  I wrote it five years ago and every time I see street art and graffiti I think about it.  Every time I read a poem outside the box, or one that reveals the depth of a moment so much it hurts, I think about it.

I held onto the idea that someday a project would reveal itself and this idea of creation being unstoppable would come to fruition.  This year, with the help of my trusting partner Michael, we made this dream come true.  For this partnership to work, I had to give up control over the written word.  I had spent so many years editing poetry that it was time to let someone else do it.  I took the helm in the art department because this project was really founded on visual stimuli.

Yesterday our webzine, Regardless of Authority, went live for the first time.  We are very proud of what we have put together.  The writers and artists push the boundaries and look a difficult topics and capture images of the world at just the right moments.

Regardless of Authority

Please come and check out our offering.  You won’t be sorry.


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