You NEED to Read This

I am not generally one of those folks that follows blogs.  Yeah, seems sort of shitty since I have a blog that I expect people to follow.  Life is full of hypocrisy, I know.  However, I was just turned on to the most hysterical blog I have ever encountered.  It made me laugh so hard I nearly had an asthma attack.  I had to walk away from the computer because I couldn’t breathe, but couldn’t stop reading.

Bitches Gotta Eat

This chick is spewing out real life people.  It is filled with a lot of relationship topics and social commentary, but in the most real fashion.  She is no holds barred honest even at the expense of her own embarrassment and somehow this revitalizes my faith in the human race.  I enjoy honesty.  I enjoy laughing.  She lets me laugh at myself without feeling like a weirdo.

She has a book coming out in September called “Meaty”.  You should check it.  I know I’m going to.


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