Nearing the End of Durable Goods

me and my cheese boxes

In 2009, I started a little print microzine called Durable Goods.  I had no idea if anyone would read it or enjoy it.  I sent it out to a few people in the beginning.  It has always been a free zine, but eventually I did have subscriptions available that allowed people to get it every two weeks for the cost of postage.  Over the years I have had around 50 subscribers with a core 20 who have stuck with me the whole ride.  It has been archived in colleges in the US and Canada and distributed to nearly every continent in the world.  I feel accomplished.

In a few more issues I am closing down Durable Goods.  The production is very time consuming and leaves little time for my own writing and even less time for fishing and playing Frisbee.  In effect, the good life has taken over and staying up late nights to fold and package a magazine seems less enticing than shouting Yahtzee! or laughing over ridiculous news.

It has been an amazing 4 years.  I have met great people all over the world, some with whom I consider dear friends, and learned so much from my interactions with them.  Durable Goods has been an amazing project that kept me company when I needed it and helped me to be a better editor as well.

Thank you all who have read DG over the years, for those of you that have contributed, and a most special thanks to my fellow editors who have distributed this zine with your own zines.  You are national treasures and I couldn’t have done it without you.  I love you all.

Here’s to the good times.  Here’s to new adventures.  See you there.


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