A week or so ago my boyfriend Michael started taking more photographs….random abstracts and working them through Picasa.  I had always been the one in the house to really do most of the picture taking so it was interesting to see his take on the world that we both share and live in.  It is amazing how different we are.  He started a Tumblr page just for his photographs since he was having so much fun with it.  He has started to get a following.  His creations have made me a little jealous that I haven’t been doing more with photography myself.

MDG is where you can find his work to see what I am talking about.

“When I compliment you, I compliment myself, because I am who I associate with.”–Jarod Kintz

Here are a few of my own riffs off what he is doing:

Camera Cleanup 031 Camera Cleanup 033 Camera Cleanup 047

It is good to be reminded of the things that make us happy and push us to see life in new lights.


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