Mail Art

001 002Mail Art 2012 003 Mail Art 2012 005

My friend Lynn, whom is one of the more creative souls I know, introduced me years ago to the idea of mail art.  She produced these things called art cards which were palm size that had original collages on them or drawings.  There is an entire underground following for these things, but I thought they were a bit small to work on, even for me.

I decided to go a bit bigger to a greeting card size.  I love the idea of mail art and the idea of recycled art.  I can use up all the magazines in my house making a political or social statement while being creative.  The people that receive these gems are always appreciative and it makes me happy to know that my visions live on in someones house.

The pieces above are just a small sampling of what I have done most recently.  In order they are called: “One Nation On Welfare”, “We Cannot Be Passive”, “Consciousness in Motion”, and “Feed a Cold”.  I hope you enjoy!  Make some art.  You can’t go wrong.


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