Under the City

stitching and supplies

Under the City by Aleathia Drehmer

When I was pregnant in 2001 I learned to cross-stitch.  At first I did counted projects…very small and calculated and I did everything by the book.  After awhile it got boring to do someone else’s artwork and I wanted to do my own.  My boyfriend of the time purchased me a cross-stitch design software which sadly went to waste on me when I started nursing school.  But years after he was said and done, I began to freestyle my own pieces.  Over the years I have made pieces for friends….one about all the important conversations with a friend from Brazil, one for the birth of a friend’s child, and one for a friend who lost the love of his life.

But this piece, Under the City, has been one I have done for myself.  It has taken me nearly 3 years to complete.  A few stitches here and there while watching TV or something to pass lonely nights.  Last night I finally finished it.

stitching full size

It is a little crooked from the ways that I stitched it….a little pulled in places and not at all professional, but definitely abstract!  The piece is 10 inches by 7 inches and contains 12, 925 stitches (not including back stitches in the outline).  I am happy to be done with this one.  It has taught me many things and kept me company many a night.  Despite it’s crookedness, I am going to try and find a way to mat and frame it.

stitching close up

I am about to embark on a series of smaller pieces that are monochromatic in which I will be using a hoop this time to avoid the stretching of the fabric in awkward ways.  Thanks for taking a look at this project.  A labor of love.


4 thoughts on “Under the City

  1. that is beautiful. kind of how i taught myself the art of collage, develops over time and in your own way – thanks for stopping by my blog, i look forward to following yours and seeing what you’re up to – beth

    • I also do collage and I love the process of evolution with each piece. I make them as mail art so I usually ask my friends who wants a little mail and then I tailor them to the person whose home they will live at. Maybe I will post the next batch I do. Thanks for stopping by.

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